Friday, 16 April 2010

You May Also Like...

No HK again this week. Very poor excuse this time. My intended recipe relied on me getting a fairly rare item as fresh as I could, and I failed. I also failed to see that as a possibility, so also failed to create a back-up plan. FAIL, as the kids on the internets say.

Instead, here are three food blogs I enjoy, and I think you should too.

No Love Sincerer
Charlene makes utterly splendid looking food and does the kind of excellent cooking I would do if I were a real person and not a moron with an unreliable oven. Also, I am jealous of her balcony garden.

Serenely Full
Suz is one of the funniest food bloggers going. The reviews of MasterChef and tales of the kitchen absolutely crack me up. And oh yeah, she can cook too. She's a Daring Baker, even! I love this blog.

This Is Why You're Fat
If all that is too sensible, take a look at this. Brilliant long-running tumblr featuring truly disgusting home experiments and the artery-bursting treats offered up by real restaurants. I'm not going to lie, I get quite a lot of inspiration from this site.

See you next week.
R x


Suz said...

What lovely things to say, thank you! I might have done some kilowatt beaming after reading that.x

Charlene said...

Wow, thanks! I don't think my oven is all that reliable: sometimes it burns things on one side and doesn't cook them all the way through on the other.

It is true that my balcony garden is awesome!