Friday 2 April 2010

Bunny Pudding

Horror Kitchen is taking a little break this week. The following recipe comes from A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes by Charles Elmé Francatelli c. 1860 (ISBN 0-946014-15-9) It is the most fabulously patronising cookbook I own.

Happy Easter!

No. 66. Rabbit Pudding.
Skin and wash the rabbit, and cut it up in pieces; fry these brown with a bit of butter. season with chopped onions, parsley, and winter savoury, pepper and salt, shake in a good spoonful of flour, moisten with a little ketchup and a gill of water; toss the saucepan about on the fire while the pieces of rabbit boil for about ten minutes, and then pour the whole into a proper sized basin lined with a suet or dripping crust; let the pudding be covered in with some of the paste, put it into a baking-dish half full of hot water, and placed in the oven, to bake for an hour and a-half.

Photo by Holly Burns.


Charlene said...

This book sounds amazing! I must find a copy!

Rose said...

Holly and Del bought it for me from the Museum of London. It's fantastic. My favourite recipe is the batter pudding - essentially a Yorkshire pudding boiled in a teacup - which, once cooked "should be eaten immediately with sugar, and a few drops of wine, if allowed and procurable."

Charlene said...

Awesome! :)