Friday, 5 February 2010

Swamp Toast

I'm currently nursing an absolute bitch of a head cold, so this week is very quick, short, easy comfort food.

clove garlic
half an onion
some mushrooms
some bread


# Finely chop garlic and onion. Spend lots of time on this as the decongestant properties of airborne onion juice is very appealing. This is literally the only time crying while chopping onions is acceptable.

# Set onion and garlic off frying. Low low heat, the aim is to gently soften, not brown or crispify.

# Slice up mushrooms, as many as you can conceivably eat. This is a lot for me. Sorry, all you weirdos who don't like mushrooms, this is not your week.

# Add mushrooms to frying pan and stir. Probably add a bit more oil if it's looking dry.

# Time for seasoning! Plenty of salt and black pepper with your choice of extras. I like a tiny touch of both cumin (I adore cumin, I am obsessed with cumin) and cayenne pepper. Stir and keep on the low heat until everything is nice and soft.

# Add a little gloop of cream to the pan and turn the heat up a little. It will look thick, then more liquidy, then back to thick. While you wait for this to happen, whack some bread in the toaster.

# Toast done, swamp done, serve. If it suits you, add some HP sauce too. Delicious and soothing. Guzzle with a mug of strong tea.

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